Ceylon Catch (Pvt) Ltd

Nestled in the Indian Ocean surrounded by beautiful waves, ancient Ceylon is known to many as the pearl of the Indian Ocean is now called Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a true paradise that provides an abundant source of seafood for the global requirements because of its location and richness of its surrounded waters.

We believe in sustainable fisheries, to secure sustainable fish stock for future generations and supply globally high-quality seafood from the unpolluted Indian ocean and well-maintained local farms. 

We work with suppliers that have the same view and harvest from sustainable resources believing these products deserve to be treated with high quality and respect.


We aim to be the best premier seafood supplier, delivering value and quality products to meet customer’s satisfaction across the globe.


We take all the necessary steps to ensure to meet our customers specifications while maintaining the highest food safety and quality standards such as Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) and the USA Food and Drug Administration

We work towards meeting sustainability, food safety, quality, reliability & consistency throughout the whole process.

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